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Operation and Agriculture Supply Information System (OASIS)

The OASIS provides comprehensive record management and data analysis capabilities for farmers worldwide. This Enterprise Resource Planning system effectively manages all activities involved in agricultural production. Farmers will be able to select the right inputs to achieve their harvest yield goals. This computer software product is especially made for small family farms. Every farmer today can turn his or her farm into a prosperous business.

The farmer will be able to do the following when he or she uses the OASIS product:

  • Create an optimal farming environment to produce quality yield at the lowest cost.
  • Analyze all data records from past growing seasons to plan and manage the next season.
  • Provide detailed reports to verify the history of growing fresh or organic produce.
  • Maintain certification and good standing with regulatory agencies and certifying authorities.

The OASIS product offers a low-cost solution to store and process farm records in compliance with government regulations and international standards. Farmers will be able to meet requirements specified in the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the E.U. Food Law, GlobalG.A.P. certification, ISO 22000, and ISO 22005.

Product Features

Features and Benefits
Data Analysis
System-defined performance indicators to measure and report activities and conditions in agricultural production
Graphical Dashboard
Display of performance indicators to track activities and to identify potential issues
Food Traceability
Efficient method and secured procedure for organizing and tracking all activities that had gone into growing and managing a specific plant variety
Product Label
Pre-formatted product label with a food traceability QR code that can be downloaded and printed and used for tracking crop harvests
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Visual display and spatial relationship of farm fields, water sources, and measurement stations overlaid on satellite base maps
Environment Monitoring
Recorded samples of weather, water, soil, and plant conditions at specific locations within the farm field
Land Use Organization
Precise measurements of farm fields associated with specific plant varieties or animal species for documenting and verifying land borders
Chemical Application Management
Accurate records of fertilizer, pesticide, and other chemicals applied in the fields and available in printable reports
Water Use Management
Convenient records of water usage by time duration and/or water volume and available in printable reports
Crop Harvest Accounting
Recorded volumes of crop harvests from each farm field, counted by individual items and bushels or crates, and available in printable reports
Post-harvest Quality Control
Recorded samples of crop harvests, which capture height, weight, hardness, color, and other characteristics, for evaluation against buyers’ requirements
Packing Operations Management
Accurate records of amounts rejected and packed; and packaged boxes labeled and prepared for transport to domestic and foreign markets


Additional Features and Benefits*
Financial Management
Accurate accounting of all purchases and sales, organized by fiscal year and account codes, and available in printable orders for vendors and customers
Inventory Management
Timely entry and review of chemical stocks, production materials, and other supplies held in inventory
Vendor Management
Profiles of farmers, suppliers, distributors, and other organizations involved in agricultural production, complete with contact information and GPS location data
HR Management
Profiles of permanent, contract, and seasonal employees, complete with tracking of each person’s job positions and salary increases during the entire employment term
Priority Technical Support
Receive personalized technical assistance by e-mail and telephone
*Farmers can upgrade the OASIS to use the additional product features.

Systematic Farm Management With Ease

Farm Plot List, Mobile App Screen


Everything begins with defining the farm plots or farm fields. Click on the “New” button to create a new farm plot. One farm can have many fields. A single farm plot shows what was planted and when, the number of plants, and a unique identifier. If livestock is also managed, another farm plot can show what animal species and the number of heads use that specific land area. One field can only have one product (a plant or an animal) associated. A farmer can then click on “Farm Activities” to view the progress of activities for every farm plot across the growing season. The unique identifier is automatically tied to all activities that will have been carried out to manage the specific field and product (patent pending method).


When the harvest is ready for shipment to the buyer, the farmer can click on the “Label” button to prepare and print product labels. The farmer can attach the labels to the product boxes. Because the label is generated at the time of creating the farm plot, the farmer’s buyer can receive a copy of the product label in advance. In this way, the buyer will be able to check on the growth and health of the crop from date of planting to date of harvest. The buyer can be kept informed and thus can provide guidance when an issue arises.

Product Label Example, Minimum Text Layout


The software generates a unique product label for each farm plot. The downloadable document presents two layouts. One layout shows the QR code symbol along with the unique identifier and the name of the farm. Another layout provides more details to show the product, country, and specific location. If privacy is necessary, the farmer can download and use just the QR code symbol image. The product can still be tracked by scanning the QR code.


Product Label Example, Detailed Description Layout
Traceability Mobile App Main Screen


If a consumer wants to find out where a specific fruit or vegetable was grown, she can scan the product label or enter the unique identifier in the OASIS Traceability Edition mobile app. Basic information about the farm plot or farm field will display. Note that the Traceability Edition is a limited version for the general public.


The farmer can use the full version mobile app to view key statistics about the product’s growth, health, quality, and management. This customized version can be provided to the farmer’s buyers, partners, and extension agents. The full version is called the OASIS Agriculture Product History.

Getting Started

  • New farmers can sign up and start managing their farm activities with their mobile smartphone. Download and install the OASIS Mobile Edition.