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About the OASIS

The OASIS system was developed by Edward Y. Uechi. This computer software product gained acceptance by farmers in Ghana and Kenya who learned how to make their farms more sustainable and productive with its use. These African growers needed a solution to show that their fruits and vegetables have met phytosanitary measures and quality standards for export to European markets. Its successful use in Africa attests that the OASIS can track agricultural products across continents and can be used in a remote location where advanced computer technology may be difficult to obtain and operate. Farmers don’t need to maintain any complicated computer hardware equipment. A mobile tablet or a smartphone is all that a farmer will need to operate the OASIS software product.

Agricultural producers can use the OASIS to show prospective buyers that their crops meet international standards. Edward, the owner, provides the OASIS product to not just farmers in Africa but to all growers and producers worldwide including those in North America and Europe.


Operation and Agriculture Supply Information System (OASIS)