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Product Label Example

Farmers can track their crops from planting to harvest and finally to market. Food traceability made simple and easy. The OASIS Information System generates a scannable product label like this one.

Operation and Agriculture Supply Information System (OASIS)

The OASIS Information System is farm management software that manages and analyzes agricultural production across the enter supply chain. Farmers can manage their inputs to achieve harvest yield goals. Farmers can also provide assurance to buyers and consumers that good agricultural practices have been applied to grow fruits and vegetables that are healthy and safe to eat.

OASIS’ competitive advantage is in offering a low-cost solution to store and process farm records in compliance with government regulations and international standards. Farmers will be able to meet requirements specified in the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the E.U. Food Law, GlobalG.A.P. certification, ISO 22000, and ISO 22005.

OASIS offers an easy 3-step process to transform your farm into a prospering business.

Step 1: Sign up today at no cost to start using the software. The free version allows you to register your farm fields and plant varieties and download product labels. You’ll have established a strong foundation to track your crops beginning at the primary farm.

Step 2: Upgrade to the paid version to analyze all of your production records and optimize production. You’ll be able to improve the growth and health of your crops.

Step 3: Attend the OASIS Farm Business Management training session to learn how to manage your finances, human resources, and suppliers in the context of agricultural production. This is an online course that you can take from home. You’ll be able to think like a business manager to take your farm to the next level.

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You don’t have to follow these steps in order, of course. If you’re ready to use the paid version, you can jump ahead. If you’re only interested in training, you can just take the online course. The path is flexible. You’re free to choose based on your goals. In any case, the OASIS Technical Director will help you to improve your farm business.

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If you’re still not ready to make a commitment but want to understand more about the OASIS Information System, you can schedule a confidential call to speak with the OASIS Technical Director. Send an e-mail to schedule a call.