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Company Overview

Operation and Agriculture Supply Information System, LLC (OASIS) is a private company in the state of Maryland, providing its title product (a computer software application) designed specifically for the agriculture industry. The OASIS team develops, supports, promotes, and distributes the software product to a worldwide market. With its comprehensive database that spans the agricultural production cycle from planting through farming to post harvest and shipping, OASIS provides data analysis and business support services to small, medium, and large farms.


An oasis where farmers can go and rely upon to plan and manage sustainable farming operations that will produce a continuous harvest for a global population.

Mission Statement

To provide a trustworthy and secure online platform where farmers can manage their production and overcome their challenges to grow in demand agricultural products for consumers and businesses. Giving farmers a high degree of control, the online platform facilitates the process of marketing and selling farmers’ harvests to new and existing customers. The overall aim of OASIS is to enable every farmer to understand and harness the agricultural supply chain where he or she can reap financial rewards.